Haven’t seen your loved one’s “Final Resting Place” or "Roadside Memorial" for a while?

We can send you updated Pics.

“Fur Baby” gets attacked by the neighbour’s dog,

Stock been attacked by Wild Dogs?

We can take the Photo’s you may need for evidence.

         RoadKill Photography                                                                             ABN:58258917002

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All my Photo's are available for Purchase and can be found here on Facebook:

             RoadKill Photography Australia.

We can SHOOT your Partner & FRAME your Mother-Inlaw, If you want, we can HANG them too.

All Charity Events are done Free of Charge.

    Community Events are also done for Free* (T&C's) Apply.                                    

                   Discount for Pensioners.

We are also available for:

Car & Bike Shows.

Pics of your Pets/Livestock.

Family Portraits.


“If you want the Pic, we will take it”.


If you want your Photo's published, send them to: roadkill1photography@gmail.com


For Non Graphic Pics,

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RoadKill Photography Australia.


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For Graphic Pics,

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RoadKill Photography Australia's RoadKill and Dead Things.